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Special Investigations in Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault

This training is designed to identify strategies to effectively assess self-defense and predominant aggressor  in domestic crisis intervention by Police Patrol Officers and Investigators. 

The instructor uses real-life experiences to develop techniques in the participants toward successful outcomes in these sometimes-difficult assessments. Best Practices and Case Law are reviewed to equip the responding officers to integrate the skills they already use in other activities into their domestic crisis intervention tactics.

The latest techniques further shift the burden of holding the offender accountable from the Victim to the Criminal Justice System. We will review common expectations and monitoring of investigative reports and implement checklists to accomplish our mission in an effective and efficient way. 

Affecting Change in Organizations

For many, change can be a difficult thing to accept, but change in an organization is possible through committed leadership. This training explores leadership techniques to foster and affect change within an organization by overcoming common hurdles like resistance to change, assigning the right resources (people), and making change stick.

We'll talk about approaching hard questions: what are my desired outcomes and how can I best achieve them; how do I approach change and overcome the "what's in it for me" mentality. 

Building Leadership Capacity

Anyone can supervise, what we need is leadership. Today's leaders should be asking two questions: 1) have I created a clear, concise, attainable goal and objective; and 2) have I provided my team with the tools required to achieve these goals?

This training focuses on equipping your current leaders and fostering the development of future leaders in your organization by focusing on the "attitude" required to promote desirable leadership styles. Generational differences, challenges, and strategies will also be explored.